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  • NJT-004 no license scooter / no registration required

NJT-004 no license scooter / no registration required

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This is one snazzy looking electric bike and most of your friends will be convinced that you have purchased an expensive scooter. You know the difference; this velocipede doesn’t require petrol to run effectively. The efficient 250-watt motor is powered by a 48-volt, 20-amp battery. It will power the velocipede Model NJT-004 to a top speed of about 25 kilometers/hour. The velocipede easily carries a load of about 110 kilograms. A full charge on the battery (from standard household current) will transport you for about 45-55 kilometers per charge. But this velocipede also has pedals, so you can do some of the work yourself, if you like. The pedals are a great feature if you happen to run out of battery charge. Their availability can also contribute to your physical well-being, as pedaling is great exercise.

Because the Model NJT-004 is an electric bike, by classification, you won’t have to worry with registration, license plates, helmets, or insurance. And because it runs on electricity, you never have to buy petrol. It is truly a “green” vehicle, with no noxious emissions or depletion of fossil fuels. Just a simple 6 to 8-hour charge will take you nearly anywhere you need to go.

You will travel in comfort with the wide, cushioned saddle seat, non-slip footboard, and front and rear drum brakes. The front fork of the velocipede is cushioned.  Standard equipment includes a capacious trunk, side mirrors, a stand, an alarm, and mechanical anti-theft. The styling is sleek and aerodynamic.

One of the truly remarkable features of this Model NJT-004 velocipede with pedal assist is its price. The electric velocipede has a price point that will satisfy nearly anyone’s budget. And without the added expense of petrol for fuel, it remains an economical purchase.

Minimum age is 14 years to ride this electric scooter




Autonomy KM 45-55
Battery 48V / 20AH
Frame: Metal Alloy With Plastic Parts
Front Fork: Cushioned
Loading Capacity: 110 kg
Maximum speed (KM/H): 25KM / H
Motor: 250W-SPEED
Standard components: trunk, mirrors, side stand, battery, alarm, anti-theft meccanicoSENZA REGISTRATION, WITHOUT LICENSE PLATE, WITHOUT INSURANCE, NO STAMP, HELMET IS NOT MANDATORY
Wheel dimension 16 ''
Extras included Assisted Pedaling System
Brakes: Front / rear drum

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