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Imagine the freedom of not having to buy expensive fuel for your family automobile, just so that you can drive to the train station for your daily commute. One of our affordable electric bikes may be just the answer you are seeking. Now, consider the positive impact you may have on the environment by not burning fossil fuels. Electric scooters and bikes need only be charged from your home or office electrical outlet. Going a further step and charging during off-peak hours may help you save even more money.

Today electric bikes and electric scooters have a lot to recommend them. Built of strong, durable materials, the vehicles typically support up to 150 kg. of weight. Seats and handlebars are adjustable. Some models offer multifunction displays that keep you informed about data such as traveling speed and battery consumption. Braking systems and gear boxes are state of the art. Tires are designed for improved traction and traveling comfort.

Our focus is green transportation. Whether you are seeking a starter electric scooter for your child or a sophisticated, sleek electric mountain bike for yourself, we may have the vehicle you want. We offer a wide range of styles that are suitable for either gender. (Some of our electric mountain bikes are available in pink, for the ladies!) All are constructed with high standard components that will assure you of safety and practicality for years to come. Most of our products come with a multi-year warranty. Simply send us an enquiry. We’ll get back with you quickly about specifications, stock on hand, and the lowest available price for the model you want.

The latest electrical technologies are used in the design of the bikes, scooters, and electric cars that we offer for sale. Ask us about our electric cars, which are causing a revolution in the petrol-fueled car industry.

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What Our Clients Say

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William Anderson
William Anderson
20:14 08 Apr 22
I needed this for my delivery business. It is excellent and battery lasts a long time.!!!
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson
15:36 07 Apr 22
Great as it does not require a license or insurance as I dont have a driving license or CBT and it looks good too.
Danial Greg
Danial Greg
17:20 12 Feb 22
Mostly good quality and best prices does not come together but you will get both here. Recommended!
Phillip Ross
Phillip Ross
15:33 10 Feb 22
Voom ES-N4 Electric Scooter is the best choice. I recently purchased this product for myself and I am very happy to have it. It has a stylish look and easy to use.
Kristen Teigen
Kristen Teigen
18:24 05 Jan 22
I must say that the electric bike I purchased is fantastic. It took only 2 hours to charge and it is easy to use.
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