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4 Things to Remember When Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids Leave a comment

Alright. So, it’s final that you’re going to gift your son an electric scooter on his 11th birthday. That’s because he’s been asking for it since almost a year! Now, the time has come to purchase the best electric scooter for kids and it is one good decision you’ll never regret about. Electric scooters are excellent for commuting both short and long distances as well as taking a quick ride around the neighbourhood. Such vehicles create a very fun experience for kids when they’re out in the open, exploring places with friends or alone.
But before selecting an electric scooter for your child, some factors that must be considered to make the right decision. So, let’s quickly take a look!

Crucial Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids

  1. Technology: The first thing to take note of when buying an e-scooter for your child is getting acquainted with the technical specifications of the vehicle. It’s already known that the battery is the soul of every e-bike, including e-scooters for kids. Ampere electric scooters come with two types of batteries – Lead Acid Battery and Li-Ion Battery.

    The type of battery used in the electric scooter also tells you about the speed and range of the chosen vehicle model. Besides, charging electric scooters is more convenient compared to repeatedly filling up the fuel tanks of petrol-driven two-wheelers.

    Just plug in the charger for the entire night. The next morning, your kid can happily ride the scooter the entire day, without worrying about refuelling at any station!
  2. Weight: The weight of kids’ electric scooters differ from one model to another. That’s because different types of metals are used to create them. For instance, if you’re buying Run HT-T3S1 from Electric Bike Scooter Car, you can be assured of getting an electric scooter for kids that is light at the front, has LCD display and controls, a 250-watt motor and can reach a maximum speed of 25kmh/15.50mph.

    Always read the description to know if the chosen kids scooter model is portable or weighty.
  3. Style and features: Riding an electric scooter is all about covering distances in style! Keeping up with your son’s expectations of having the coolest electric scooter, make sure that the vehicle has ample leg space and numerous other features that make them appropriate for children to enjoy a safer ride.
    Kids e-scooters are the miniature versions of adult e-scooters, designed to have a small frame size, promoting a stunning appearance. Moreover, such vehicles feature a moderate speed range – 15 to 18 km/h (9-11 mp/h). Buying an electric scooter for your kid isn’t only about good looks; safety and comfort must also be considered, which is discussed in the next point.
  4. Safety: When assessing the safety features of your chosen two-wheeler for your kid, take a note of brake systems and the materials used on the decks of the vehicle.

Electric scooters primarily have two types of brakes: electronic and mechanical. While mechanical brakes are composed of disc, drum and foot brakes that help in reducing the speed, electronic brakes are activated by a switch or button that disconnects the motor power to stop the vehicle. The top-selling kids’ electric scooters have a dual-brake system, which means it includes both electronic and mechanical brakes, enhancing the safety mechanism of the vehicles.

Even the scooter deck must be safe, long-lasting and comfortable. Many electric scooters for kids have decks with a low reinforced structure enclosed with materials like anti-slip EVA foams, to improve grip, comfort and keep your child comfortable when riding the electric scooter.

Where to Get the Best Electric Scooter for Kids?

Electric Bike Scooter Car takes pride in manufacturing and supplying high-performing electric scooters for kids. We have garnered strong attention among our customers in the UK for offering well-designed kids’ electric scooters equipped with advanced technology and features like 250w motor power, 24V, 4.4Ah battery and 15 to 18 km/h (9 to 11 mph) range per charge, among others. To know more about our products, visit http://www.electricbikescootercar.co.uk/kids-electric-scooter/best-electric-scooter-uk-ht-t3-s1/

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