8 Quick Tips to Consider Before Buying Folding Electric Bike

Posted On April 8, 2019 By Amit Parmar

An electric folding bike can be handy if you want to save time and money on your daily commute, while lowering your carbon footprint. It is compact and can easily be stored or transported. Buying one may seem a bit daunting due to the range of specifications, options, and quality factors to consider. It can be more challenging if you want to look for the electric bike online, as you have no way to test it before you buy it. But these eight quick tips should help you buy the right product without any regrets:

  1. Think about your needs – Why would you need a folding electric bike in the UK? What kinds of terrain do you traverse on a daily basis? Will you be taking it to school or work? When you know your personal requirements, it should be easier to narrow down the selection of electric bikes for sale based on their features and specifications.
  2. Mind the size – Electric bikes are available in styles that are meant for male and female riders. Make sure that your choice is appropriate for your height and riding needs.
  3. Check the motor – Powerful folding electric bikes come with a 200-watt motor that can help you traverse challenging terrain.
  4. Check the battery – Make sure it lasts longer. A good electric folding bike is powered by a robust lithium battery that will keep it running far enough to cover your daily commute.
  5. Read customer reviews – Find feedback about the particular electric bike that you want to know what other riders have to say about it. This is a good way to verify its quality and performance, too.
  6. Make sure it is EEC certified – Some of the best electric bikes are EEC approved to prove that they are a good choice for consumers who are concerned about air pollution and fuel shortage.
  7. Arrange to pick it up – Most stores selling the high-quality folding electric bike in the UK will ship the product to you, but there are some retailers that allow their customers to pick it up instead. Doing so will give you the chance to inspect the product before you take it home.
  8. Make sure it comes with relevant warranties – An electric folding bike can be a big investment, so make sure you are buying it from a reputable retailer that can provide good warranties and aftersales support.
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