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Products for Trade and Wholesale

Scanview Electronics, Ltd. is pleased to offer a number of our products to trade and wholesale customers, as well as to the general public consumer. Electric bikes, scooters, and cars are perfectly suited to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and other online and offline retailers.

The items that are available for wholesale and trade clientele include electric bikes, electric adult scooters, no-license scooters, kids’ electric scooters, electric motorbikes, and hoverboards. All items come with a guarantee and are built to high manufacturing specifications. It can be said that these electric transportation selections fill a real need in the United Kingdom, as they are economical, sturdily built, reliable, and “green.”  With dependable electric motors that easily recharge from standard home current, the items we offer do not contribute to air pollution or delete dwindling fossil fuel supplies.

It would be our pleasure to send you a PDF brochure and price list for our line of quality, highest standard Z4L products.  You will quickly discover that each product has the potential for big profit margins for you. Scanview Electronics is a United Kingdom company, based in London, with a UK phone number for you to call. As a London-based company, we are better able to service your wholesale needs, as compared to an overseas company.

Thank you in advance for considering Scanview as your go-to source for wholesale electric transportation items. Please email us at Our phone is  0203 286 4834. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.



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