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Bogist C1 Pro is an amazing black-lightning 10 inches folding electric scooter that is now here to unleash your urban adventure. With a motor power of 500 W, it can transform your daily transportation. The electric scooter comes with next-gen features, a sleek & stylish design, and efficient performance, making it a perfect choice for explorers like you.

Key Specifications:

  • Mileage: 30 km- 45 km
  • Motor Power: 500 w
  • Top Speed: 1st:25 km/h, 2nd:35 km/h, 3rd: 49 km/h
  • Ground Distance: 90 mm
  • Climbing Angle: Slope 30°
  • Brake: Front drum brake and rear disc brake
  • Battery: 48V 13 Ahm; 4-5 hours charging time
  • Waterproof: IP64
  • Color: Black
  • Wheel Size: 10 inches pneumatic tire, rear 10 inches
  • Tubeless tyre
  • Loading Weight: 150 kg
  • Scooter Size: 1060 x 440 x 1125 mm (Unfold)1060 x 440 x 340 mm (fold)
  • Others: Front and tail light, bell, phone holder,tools, seat
  • Net/Gross Weight: 23.3 kg/28.7 kg
  • Carton Size: 1200 x 270 x 520 mm

Bogist C1 Pro boasts a remarkable mileage range of 30 to 45 km on a single charge (4 to 5 hours). You can breeze through the streets with this lightweight electric scooter and make your transportation time truly enjoyable. It also lets users ride on slightly elevated roads, conquering inclines with ease.

This black and stylish electric scooter is powered by a high-performance 500 W motor and can reach speeds of up to 49 kilometers per hour in its third gear. Whether you need to zip through rush hour traffic or enjoy a slow and steady ride, the electric scooter will help you move efficiently and effortlessly.

The Bogist C1 Pro electric scooter is designed for all weather conditions. It features an IP64 waterproof rating. Be it raining outside or having snowfalls, the users can confidently explore their surroundings, knowing that this scooter can deal with all types of weather conditions.

It comes with illuminating front lights for safe nighttime rides. The 10 inches pneumatic tyre, rear 10 inches tyre, front drum brake, and rear disc brake offer greater control on the road. Its maximum loading capacity is 150 kg, making it a suitable choice for daily commuters.

Moreover, the Bogist C1 Pro is also equipped with features like a tail light, bell, phone holder, tools, and seat. Without any doubt, it is a stylish yet powerful electric scooter option for daily commuters who want to explore their surroundings in comfort and style.

Product Name:

10inch Folding E-Scooter With Seat





Top Speed:

1st:25km/h, 2nd:35km/h, 3rd: 49km/h

Climbing Angle:

Slope 30°

Motor Power:

500W motor


Front drum brake, rear disc brake

Wheel Size:

10 Inch pneumatic tire, rear 10 inch

Tubeless tyre Battery:

48V 13Ahm; 4-5h charging time




Front light, Tail light, Bell, phone holder,tools, seat

Loading Weight:

150 kg

Scooter Size (Unfold & fold):


Net/Gross Weight:


Carton Size:


Ground Distance: