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The E-Scooter S5 Pro is the ultimate family electric scooter that can transform your daily transportation and weekend road trips. The sleek and powerful black scooter has cutting-edge features, making it a suitable choice to effortlessly glide through busy city streets. The impressive mileage of 25–35 kilometers, 500 W motor power, a 48V 11Ah battery, and a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour make it one of the best electric scooter choices for you.

Key Specifications

● Mileage: 25 km-35 km
● Battery: 48V 11Ah
● Charging Time: 4-5 hours
● Motor Power: 500W motor
● Brake: Dual disc brakes
● Top Speed: 1st level: 20 km/h, 2nd level: 30 km/h, 3rd level: 40 km/h
● Climbing Angle: Slope 30°
● Wheel Size: 12 inches pneumatic tires
● Waterproof: IP64
● Charging Adapter: EU Standard Plug
● Others: Front & tail light, bell, phone holder, seat
● Loading Weight: 150 kg
● Color: Black
● Scooter Size: Unfold:1170 x 620 x 940 mm, Folding: 1170 x 620 x 550 mm
● N/G Weight: 20.5 kg/26.4 kg
● Carton Size: 116 x 23.5 x 59.5 mm
● Ground Distance: 140 mm

With the E-Scooter S5 Pro, you can enjoy three different speed levels: ride in comfort at 20 km/h or enjoy the top speed of 40 km/h during your weekend trips. It is also designed to run smoothly on slightly elevated roads, as it comes with a 30° climbing angle. Riders can use this scooter on nearly all kinds of roads and simplify their regular transportation routine.

Apart from comfort and sleek design, this electric family scooter also ensures the safety of the riders. Dual disc brakes and 12 inches pneumatic tyres offer the required control on the road. Riders can have full control over speed and stopping. Front and tail lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions and make the entire riding experience safe, smooth, and satisfying.

It takes four to five hours for full charging, and on a single charge, it offers 25 to 35 kilometers of mileage. This family scooter comes with waterproof IP64 ratings, which means you can confidently ride in various weather conditions. The total weight loading capacity is 150 kg, letting riders carry goods of all sizes. It’s also easy to store and transport, as its folding dimensions are 1170 x 620 x 550 mm. To redefine your daily commute, order this
stunning E-Scooter S5 Pro now.


12’’ Family Electric Scooter With Basket





Top Speed:

1st level: 20km/h, 2nd level: 30km/h, 3rd level: 40km/h

Climbing Angle:

Slope 30°

Motor Power:

500W motor


Dual disc brakes

Wheel Size:

12 inch pneumatic tires


48V 11Ah; 4-5h charging time



Charging Adapter:

EU Standard Plug


Front & Tail light, Bell, phone holder, seat

Loading Weight:

150 kg

Scooter Size:


N/G Weight:


Carton Size:


Ground Distance: