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The sleek, black G2-PRRO is a true game changer in urban transportation. Designed with safety and comfort concerns in mind, this stylish scooter offers a maximum mileage of 50 kilometers, making your commute easy and cost-effective. 800 W of motor power, sturdy aluminium alloy, and a 48 V 15 Ahm battery ensure a perfect blend of performance and efficiency. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient mode of transportation, G2-PRRO is something that you can try this year.

Key Specifications

● Mileage: 45-50 km
● Top Speed: 50 km/h
● Motor: 800 W brushless motor
● Battery: 48V 15Ahm
● Charging Time: 4-6 hours
● Brake: Mechanical disc brake
● Wheel Size: 10 inches pneumatic cross-country tyre
● Lamp: Front LED headlight, turn signals
● Color: Black
● Frame Material: Aluminium alloy
● Climbing Angle: Slope 30°
● Loading Weight: 130 kg
● Scooter size: 117 x 26 x 68 cm
● Ground distance: 85cm
● Carton Size: 117 x 25x 50 cm
● N/G Weight: 23/29.5 kg

A powerful 800 W brushless motor propels riders forward and lets them cruise at a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour. For a swift and exciting riding experience through bustling city streets, G2-PRRO is an excellent choice. On a single charge, it can offer you a mileage of 45–50 kilometers, and for complete charging, it takes only four to six hours.

This 10″ off-road electric scooter is equipped with a 48V, 15Ahm battery. The quick charging time lets riders get back on the road in no time. Apart from the stunning battery capacity, it comes with a mechanical disc brake, 10 inches pneumatic cross-country tyres, and shock absorption capacity to ensure smooth rides even on rough surfaces. Its climbing angle of 30° lets you ride on slightly elevated roads. The front LED headlight and turn signals enhance visibility and make your nighttime rides safe. Its total weight loading capacity is 130 kg, making it suitable for riders who carry stuff with them. With dimensions of 117 x 26 x 68 cm, G2-PRRO is also easy to store and transport. For eco-friendly, smooth, and enjoyable riding experiences, buy G2-PRRO now.

Product Name:

10’’ Off-road 800W E- Scooter





Top Speed:


Climbing Angle:

Slope 30°

Motor Power:

800W brushless motor


Mechanical disc brake

Wheel Size:

10 inch pneumatic cross country tire


48V 15Ahm; charging time 4-6hours


Material Aluminium alloy


Front LED headlight, turn signals

Loading Weight:

130 kg

Scooter size:


Ground distance:


Carton Size:


N/G Weight:

23/29.5 kg