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The iE-M4 by iENYRID is a masterfully designed electric scooter that seamlessly combines performance, durability, and style. It is crafted with precision using a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium alloy body. From the powerful motor to innovative features, the iE-M4 is built to elevate your commuting experience.

Key Features of the M4 Electric Scooter

  • Model: iE–M4
  • Motor: 48 V, 500 W
  • Body: aluminium alloy
  • Battery capacity: 48 V, 10 AH Lithium
  • Adapter: Incoming 100–240V (outgoing 54.6V 2A)
  • Brakes: mechanical disc brake
  • Wheelbase: 85 cm
  • Max speed: 45 km/h [28 mph]
  • Trip distance: 25–35 km [15.5-21.5 mph]
  • Tyres: 80/65-6 pneumatic dirt tyres (10 inches)
  • Light: front LED headlight, turn signals, and tail light
  • Max load: 150 kg
  • Charging time: 6-7 h

The iE-M4 is powered by a robust 48V, 500W motor, which ensures an efficient and smooth ride. The 48V, 10Ah lithium battery ensures a consistent energy supply for your trips. Charge your device quickly and easily with the adaptor, which is compatible with incoming voltages ranging from 100V to 240V.

Safety is always a major concern. This electric scooter is equipped with a reliable mechanical disc brake, ensuring responsive and controlled stops. 80/65-6 pneumatic dirt tyres (10 inches) are there to offer a smooth and stable ride along with versatile terrain navigation. If you are planning to conquer urban streets or venture off the beaten path with confidence and style, rest assured that the iE-M4 is designed to handle various surfaces.

The front LED headlight offers excellent visibility, and turn signals increase your presence on the road. A tail light offers an extra degree of safety, making your nighttime trips both safe and beautiful. The iE-M4 supports riders of all sizes and has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg. Enjoy the thrill of the open road at speeds of up to 45 km/h [28 mph] while reaching distances of 25–35 km [15.5-21.5 mph] on a single charge. Due to the 6-7-hour charging period, you can spend more time riding and less time waiting, making the iE-M4 an excellent choice for daily commuting.

The scooter’s 85-cm wheelbase contributes to its stability and mobility, providing a balanced and controlled ride. The iE-M4 offers an agile and responsive ride, whether you’re weaving through city traffic or navigating narrow streets.




48V 10AH

Charge time




Top speed

45km/h [28 mph]

Driving mileage

25-35 Km [15.5-21.5 miles]

Tyre size

80/65-6 Pneumatic dirt tires

Max load


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