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KUGOO G-Master Electric Scooter


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The KUGOO G-Master Electric Scooter boasts of an impressive 5600 Watts motor power and a 60 V 30 Ah battery capacity. It has 11 inches vacuum tires with advanced shock absorption properties to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Key Specifications:

  •  Motor Power: 5600 W
  •  Maximum Speed: 75 – 85 KM/H (46.6–52.8 mph)
  •  Maximum Range: 100 – 110 KM (62.1–68.3 miles)
  •  Loading Capacity: 250 KG
  •  Battery Capacity: 60 V 30 Ah
  •  Tires: 11 inches
  •  Body Material: Aluminium

The KUGOO G-Master Electric Scooter is powered by a high-speed 5600 W brushless motor. It runs on a high-performing 60 V 30 Ah lithium battery. The scooter gives a maximum speed that reaches up to 85 kilometres per hour (52.8 miles per hour). It has an average driving range of about 100 to 110 kilometres (62.1–68.3 miles). The KUGOO G-Master electric scooter is equipped with explosion-proof 11 inches off-road vacuum tires. These strong-bearing wheels provide a better and safer grip on the road. They come with excellent shock absorption qualities which exert the maximum cushioning effect on bumpy rides. These off-road tires ensure a comfortable and smoother driving experience on all types of roads. It is suitable for both city roads as well as hilly roads and mountainous terrains. The G-Master electric scooter has the highest loading capacity of 250 kilograms. The body is made of aluminium structure boasting of a compact and portable design. The scooter gets quickly folded in three easy steps and can be easily carried everywhere. It makes for a great personal transport as it can be stored without a problem at the back of any car or jeep. The KUGOO G-Master electric scooter offers you a great option for eco-friendly local commuting ideal for everyday use.


500 w


18 kg

Battery Capability:

10.0 Ah

Max. Speed:

35 km/h

Max. Mileage:

35 km

Max. Load:

120 kg

Charging time:

6 hour

Wheel size: