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The G2 Pro is an innovative electric scooter that can seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design. For an exhilarating and eco-friendly commuting experience, try the G2 Pro by Kugoo. With Kugoo’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance, the G2 Pro stands as a top-tier electric scooter in the market.

Key Features of the G2 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Model: G2 Pro
  • Brand: Kugoo
  • Max supported weight: 130 kg
  • Max speed: 43–45 km/h [26.5 – 28 mph]
  • Motor: 800 W
  • Brake type: e-brake disc brake
  • Charging time: 6–7 h
  • Tyre size: 10 inches
  • Battery capacity: 48 V, 15 Ah
  • Battery type: lithium
  • Colour: black

The G2 Pro’s robust 800 W motor effortlessly propels riders to speeds ranging from 43 to 45 km/h, ensuring a swift and efficient journey. The scooter can bear a maximum weight of 130 kg, making it suitable for a diverse range of users. The G2 Pro by Kugoo ensures a smooth and stable ride for all, whether driving through urban or suburban streets.

With its sophisticated braking system, the G2 Pro excels at ensuring safety for riders. The e-brakes and disc brakes ensure fast and reliable stopping power. The advanced braking system ensures peace of mind for all your rides. The G2 Pro’s a blend of speed and safety features and can be an excellent partner for all types of riders.

The G2 Pro’s excellent battery capabilities combine efficiency and convenience. The 48 V, 15 Ah lithium battery not only powers the scooter’s motor but also provides an extensive range per charge. Users may quickly recharge the battery for their next journey in just 6 to 7 hours. The lithium battery ensures longevity and contributes to the scooter’s overall lightweight design, increasing portability.

The G2 Pro has 10-inch tyres that provide a smooth and steady ride across a variety of terrains. The larger tyre size gives more stability, making the scooter suitable for both urban and suburban settings. The sleek black colour adds elegance to the scooter’s appearance. It is an appealing choice for riders who value both form and function.

The Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter is both versatile and powerful. The G2 Pro is designed to transform the way you travel, thanks to its robust motor, smart safety features, efficient battery, and stylish design.




48V 15AH

Charge time




Top speed

43–45 km/h [26.5 – 28 mph]

Driving mileage

30-50km [18.5-31 miles]

Tyre size

10 inch

Max load


Net Weight


Gross weight


Packing Size

117 x 25 x 49.5cm