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M8-C Electric Scooter


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The M8-C scooter is an amazing combination of power and style. This dynamic scooter can transform your riding experience. These scooters efficiently combine cutting-edge technologies, robust performance, and sleek design to provide an amazing riding experience for all riders.

Key Features of the M8-C Electric Scooter

  • SKU: M8-C 
  • Power: 2000W motor
  • Battery: 48V30AH
  • Range: 70 KM [43.50 miles]
  • Tyre: 11-inch off-road tyres
  • Brake: front and rear oil brakes
  • Motor: 2*1000W
  • Max load: 200 kg
  • Max Speed: 75 kmh [46.5 mph]
  • Climbing ability: 40 degrees
  • Product weight: ≈45 kg
  • Product size: 1380*600*1238mm
  • Package size: 136*27*63.5cm
  • APP: Yes
  • Custom GPS: an extra cost of £25 if you add GPS

The high-performance motor sets the M8 series apart from other models. The M8-C has a powerful 2000W motor.. The M8-C has a 48V, 30AH battery that provides an incredible range of 70 km [43.5 miles]on a single charge.

These M8-C has 11-inch off-road tyres and provide a smooth and stable ride across a variety of terrain. Front and rear oil brakes provide unmatched stopping power to provide safety and control in all circumstances. The dual 1000w motors provide not only amazing acceleration but also a top speed around 75 km/h [46.5 mph]for the M8-C. It lets you easily navigate through traffic or enjoy the excitement of elevated terrain.

These scooters can easily handle elevated roads as they have an extraordinary climbing ability of 40 degrees. The M8-C has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg, and that’s why they are suitable for all riders. The M8-C advanced scooters also include a built-in mobile app that delivers real-time insights and makes riding easier. Personalise your ride and remain connected with vital information at your fingertips.

You can also consider adding a custom GPS to your scooter for further security and navigation functions for an additional £25. With the M8-C electric scooter, you can ensure that your journeys are not only exciting but also safe and secure.

Tire size

11 inch

Max load


Max speed

75km/h [46.5 mph]



Motor power




Distance Range

70Km [43.5 miles]

Climbing ability

40 degree

Product weight


Product size


Package size





extra cost $15 if add GPS