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Your daily commute to work can be stressful, and needless to say extremely long and tiresome. You’re either rushing through the morning to get to the Charing Cross station with your own car or a taxi, which means a considerably high amount of cash spent on taxi fares or petrol.

If your daily commutes are somewhat similar to the aforementioned scenarios, then a no-license electric scooter may be a good option for travelling to work.

No-license scooters offer a plethora of benefits that make it easy, cost efficient and environmentally friendly to get to and from work. And what’s even better is that no license scooters just as the name suggests require no license or insurance to ride them on UK roads. That said, here are a few benefits of electric scooters for travelling to work.

  1. Easy to maneuver

Even though the best no license scooters are built tough, they are extremely easy to maneuver for young and old and everyone in between.

  1. Eco-friendly

Climate change is a hot topic at the moment, and if you want to do your part towards saving the environment, then ditch your fuel powered vehicle for a no-license scooter. No-license scooters do not emit any harmful gasses during use, and only use a small amount of electricity.

  1. Noise pollution

Speaking of pollution, harmful gasses from petrol powered vehicles aren’t the only problem, but it the noise they make due to their onsite engines, be it cars, motorbikes buses or trains. No license scooters do not have any moving parts, hence do not do more than whisper during operation.

  1. Balance and movement

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can have detrimental effects on your long term overall health. Office jobs mainly require being seated for long hours, and with modern technology such as Facetime and WhatsApp, socializing without moving a single foot has become increasingly popular.

With no license scooters, you not only get the right dose of daily exercise daily, you also stay active all day long, given you will be riding back from work too.

  1. Safety

Every mode of transport comes with a certain element of risk, but no-license scooters are potentially a much safer option. The best no-license scooters come factory fitted with LED headlights and taillights, so you can see clearly in low light conditions.

Final Thoughts

No-license scooters are a great choice for travelling to and fro to work. They are not only cost efficient, and environmentally friendly, but are also lightweight, making them a joy to maneuver on your daily errands.

Adding to this, with a no-license scooter, you don’t have to deal with driving tests or any other ordeal related to getting a license, because you don’t need a license to ride a no-license scooter legally on UK roads.

With a no-license scooter, you can also bid adieu to expensive insurance premiums, so basically all you pay for is the upfront cost of the vehicle.

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