Will Electric Scooters be Legal to Ride on the Road?

Electric vehicles, big and small are all the rage lately for several reasons, most notably because they are a highly cost-efficient way of commuting from A to B. But while most electric vehicles can be legally driven/ridden on UK roads such as electric cars, electric motorcycles with an appropriate class license, there’s a certain level […]

How long do electric scooters last before you need to change the battery?

Electric scooters are all the rage lately among young and old, and for several different reasons. For starters, they are a great and highly affordable alternative to petrol powered scooters, which needless to say reduces the rider’s carbon footprint. That said, one of the common questions potential and current riders have is with regards to […]

Benefits of Buying a No License Scooter

No license scooters often dubbed electric scooters or electric moped with pedals are becoming increasingly popular among young and old and everyone in between for several reasons. This range of battery powered vehicles generally boast a sleek design and come factory equipped with all the right features for a hassle-free riding experience. That said, here […]

Electric Mopeds – All You Need to Know

Electric mopeds are becoming increasingly popular in cities and beyond, and across the world. This class of electric powered vehicles are sometimes confused with petrol powered mopeds owing to their close similarities in design. In terms of costs, electric mopeds are a winner compared to petrol mopeds because they are powered by rechargeable batteries and […]