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Do Electric Bikes Need Maintenance?

Posted On November 14, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Electric bicycles aka electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular lately due to several reasons, most notably because they allow you to get fit while riding to and from your daily errands. Plus, they save you from high costs of fuel, given that they are powered by an electric motor or in manual[...]

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5 Benefits of Folding Electric Bikes

Posted On November 4, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Most people drive to work each day, which is one of the reasons for a high level of combustion, greenhouse emissions and increased traffic jams. Owing to this, many people young and old are considering a new effective and efficient mode of commute – a folding electric bike. One of the biggest [...]

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Is it Easy to Ride an Electric Hoverboard?

Posted On October 24, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Electric hoverboards are the craze lately among young and old and everyone in between, and for several good reasons. One of the noteworthy benefits of riding an electric hoverboard UK is its ability to build adjust and reflex capacity. Another obvious advantage of riding a self balancing scooter[...]

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Benefits of Buying a No License Scooter

Posted On October 1, 2019 By Amit Parmar

No license scooters often dubbed electric scooters or electric moped with pedals are becoming increasingly popular among young and old and everyone in between for several reasons. This range of battery powered vehicles generally boast a sleek design and come factory equipped with all the right featu[...]

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Electric Mopeds – All You Need to Know

Posted On September 3, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Electric mopeds are becoming increasingly popular in cities and beyond, and across the world. This class of electric powered vehicles are sometimes confused with petrol powered mopeds owing to their close similarities in design. In terms of costs, electric mopeds are a winner compared to petrol mope[...]

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Which Electric Moped to Buy?

Posted On August 15, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Electric mopeds have garnered a surge of appeal even since they went mainstream a few years ago. This is due to several reasons, most notably that they make it easy and cost efficient to commute on your daily errands. Adding to this, an electric moped is a great way to protect the environment, given[...]

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The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit in the UK – You Need to Know

Posted On June 21, 2019 By Rana

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

The modern age is an age of science and technology. There are many blessing gifts of technology around us. The electric vehicle is a notable gift among these. It is needless to say the benefits of electric vehicle in our everyday life. We can’t move a single step without the help of these vehicles[...]

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8 Quick Tips to Consider Before Buying Folding Electric Bike

Posted On April 8, 2019 By Amit Parmar

An electric folding bike can be handy if you want to save time and money on your daily commute, while lowering your carbon footprint. It is compact and can easily be stored or transported. Buying one may seem a bit daunting due to the range of specifications, options, and quality factors to consider[...]

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Electric Scooter for Adults in the UK

Posted On April 3, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Despite how they look, electric scooters are not just for kids. There are models specifically designed for grown-ups who want a fun and practical way to get around on their own. An electric scooter for adults can come in different styles and configurations, so it makes sense to choose carefully when[...]

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