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  • Z4L Crystal Electric Moped With Removable Battery

Z4L Crystal Electric Moped With Removable Battery

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If you are in the market for a very good looking electric scooter, the Crystal is the answer to all your wishes. This sleekly styled electric scooter was designed to attract attention, while providing you with a safe, sure ride. The price is very reasonable and compares favorably with scooters that cost much more. Perfectly designed for commuting to work or school, the Crystal electric scooter is also more than suitable for taking care of daily errands around the village or visiting a nearby friend or neighbor. If you are looking for a scooter for leisure time activities, the Crystal may be your perfect answer.

A strong 1200-watt motor is powered by a reliable LG  lithium battery that offers an amazing feature. The battery can be removed from the electric scooter and recharged inside the house or office. At 60 volts and 22 amp hours, the battery can carry you at a maximum speed of 43 kilometres per hour, for a distance of about 70 kilometres.

A comfortable saddle seat and wide, accommodating footboard make for an easy ride, while dual rearview mirrors and a strong headlight provide for safety, day or night. Strong, reliable brakes provide more than adequate stopping power. The 10” tires make your ride smooth and easy.

If you are concerned about air pollution or noise pollution, the Crystal electric scooter is perfect for you. Since the scooter is electric, you don’t have to worry about the problems caused by fossil fuels. The battery powered vehicle eliminates the high prices you must pay for petrol. The strong yet quiet motor won’t create noise in the neighborhood or while you are riding. You’ll appreciate the silence, as will your neighbors. 

Battery Removable Lithium LG Battery
Battery Capacity : 60V 20Ah
Battery Weight: 12KG per piece
Charging time: 4 Hours
Climbing Angle 12° minimum +
Dimension(L*W*H) 1680*720*1100 MM
Front brake: Disc brake/Drum brake
Max. Driving Range 70KM
Net Weight (no battery) 70KG
Packing Size 1680*580*830 MM
Tire Size(Front) 90/90‐10”
Tire Size(Rear) 90/90‐10”
Max Speed: 45KM/H
Battery Type: 1200+ recharges LG Lithium battery

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