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electric tricycle car

  • Brand: eCars
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What an amazing vehicle this is, with its sleek design, covered compartment, three wheels, and powerful motor. Even the available accessories are amazing; a heater, MP3/radio/USB, Bluetooth / electric windows, and a rear backup camera. All the comforts of a car with the footprint of an electric scooter/tricycle. The electric tricycle/car will carry the rider about 90 kilometres at maximum speeds around 45kmh / 30mph.

With a 2000 watt brushless motor, the electric tricycle/car can handle inclines of up to 25 degrees, while carrying a maximum load of about 300 kilograms. The vehicle weighs 250 kilograms, without the batteries, which weigh in at 15 kilograms apiece. It comes with lithium batteries giving 72v 40ah power for the electric tricycle/car. The batteries can be recharged approximately 1000+  times and can fully charge in 6-8 hours. It is also much cheaper to run than the petrol options.

And compared to the mopeds and scooters, you are in a vehicle so is good for all weather transport. Plus it can carry 2-3 people.

The strong braking system is provided by disc brakes, while the tires are 13 inches in front and two 12 inch tires in the rear. The wheelbase of the electric tricycle/car is 1720 millimeters; the rear axle is 1120 millimeters wide.

Imagine the joy of driving this electric tricycle/car in inclement weather, completely dry and safe from the elements in enclosed driver compartment. With more than ample window space, visibility from inside the electric tricycle/car is excellent, with no blind spots to speak of. You’ll be the envy of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers when you arrive at your destination in this sleek, sporty vehicle. And they won’t even hear you coming, as your ride is nearly silent. Because you are ecologically responsible, you’ll be delighted with the freedom from buying petrol. You won’t contribute to air pollution as you would with an internal combustion engine. And, your ride is efficient, comfortable, and impressive – all for a price you will find very attractive indeed. 

Batterytype 72v 40ah lithium battery
BatteryWeight(kg) 15kg lithium battery
BrakeSystem(Front/Rear) Discbrake
Chargingtime 6-8hours
DefaultAccessories Warmer,Bluetooth,MP3/Radio/USB, Electric Windows/ Videoforreverse
Hill-ability 25degree
Input 110V/220V50-60Hz
Max.Loading 300kgs
Max.Rangedistance 90 kms
Max.Speed 45kmh / 30mph
Max.Torque(N.m) 200N.m
Min.Grounddistance(mm) 140mm
ModelSize(L*W*Hmm) 2300×1190×1500mm
NetWeight(nobattery) 250kg
RatedMotorpower(W) 2000 watt DCBrushlessmotor
RearAxle 1120mm
RechargeCycles(times) 1000+ times
Tyresize Fr.130/60-13Rr.140/70-12
Wheelbase(mm) 1720mm

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