Whether it is fair or not, the UK and electric bicycles seem to go hand in hand. Images of smartly-clad commuters on electric bikes are nearly a cliché; however, these commuters are exceptionally smart and thrifty. In addition to being stylishly smart, bikes are economical, fun to ride, safe, and give the rider an appearance of physical exercise when compared to riding in a car. They don’t pollute the atmosphere and don’t require the use of depleting fossil fuels.

Electric bicycles are as easy to operate as one could hope. Recharging the battery is a simple matter of plugging the bicycle into a normal household outlet. Some UK models are specifically designed for women, while others are more unisex. It is dependent upon the placement of the supporting crossbar. Pedals and handlebars are usually adjustable for comfort. Brakes are safe, no matter if they are friction or caliper brakes. Tires are durable and many electric bicycles sport handy carrying racks for books and parcels.

Economically speaking, electric bicycles are great choice for students in the UK. Whether going to the local public school or navigating the campus of university, electric bicycles are practical and economical. Some models even fold up for easy portage onto a bus or other public transportation.

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