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LJ-EV02 Electric Car

Driving a vehicle that is powered by an 8PCS Gel Battery, instead of petrol or diesel, can make you a contributor to healthier air. With no waste of expensive fossil fuels, you can zip around town in your LJ-EV02 electric car, being very “green." With a smooth shifting automatic transmission that’s simple to operate, there is ample room in this car for two people. The powerful electric motor allows you to attain speeds of about 45 km/h. And the body is not fiberglass; it’s constructed of metal paneling.

One of the nicest features of this small electric car is that you can park where others are unable. Some of the other features include a built-in CD player, cabin environment control for heat or air conditioning, and safety belts. The LJ-EV02 boasts power steering, fog lights front and rear, and an antilock braking system. Right hand drive is standard. A rear wheel hand brake allows you to stop safely and surely.

The electric car has a range of about 60 kilometers on a full charge. Lightweight and powerful are two of the most descriptive words attributed to this little vehicle. The car has a climbing capacity of 30%. The LJ-EV02 is available in a variety of colors, to suit your personality. The electric car is affordable, at just less than £9,000.

Net Weight: 340 kg(without battery)
Rear brake: hand brake for real wheel
Standard range (KM): 120kms
Max Speed: 45km/h(L6E)
Battery Type: lead-acid maintenance battery
Battery Voltage: 48V /96V
Charge Time: ≤8h
Recharge Life: recharging for 800 times
Motor Type: 48 V 4KW DC motor (for L6E)
Climbing Capacity: 30%
Additional Extras: Safety Belt, Electronic ABS, Fog Lamp,Air Bag, A/C, Electric Window Lifter, Radio, CD Player, Remote Control door, Heater, Aluminum wheel rim

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