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The MEV City is a 100% electric, zero emissions urban commuter vehicle. It is designed to give the user all the benefits of green living at sustainable budgets.

Its compact design enables easy access to small parking spaces to enhance your daily commute in restricted zones.
The MEV City comes in three models: City 1, City 2, and City 3.

The features and specifications for each model remains the same, with only difference seen in speed and range of the vehicles.

City 1

  • Max. Speed: 45 KM/H (30 mph)
  • Standard Driving Range: 112 KM (70 miles)
  • ECO mode range: 128 KM (80 miles)

City 2

  •  Max. Speed: 80 KM/H (50 mph)
  • Standard Driving Range: 96 KM (60 miles)
  •  ECO mode range: 112 KM (70 miles)

City 3

  • Max. Speed: 80 KM/H (50 mph)
  • Standard Driving Range: 128 KM (80 miles)
  • ECO mode range: 144 KM (90 miles)

The MEV City electric car has a two-seat option and boasts of zero emissions. The engine is powered by an AC brushless motor that runs on maintenance-free lithium batteries. The batteries take up 4-6 hours for recharge time from a standard 220V 3-pin socket. The electric vehicle is available in six colour options, including red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. The car has the European
Vehicle Certification for urban use.

The MEV City vehicle has a single reduction transmission style with automatic shifting function and a differential case feature. It has a rear axle for drive. The front suspension is McPherson Independent Suspension and the rear suspension is Trailing Arm Independent. The body is made of an integral frame structure.

The electric car comes with disk-type hydraulic brakes for the front and rear and has a hand brake for parking function. The wheel rim is made of aluminium alloy. The MEV City also features a reverse light, a license light, and combined LED tail lights for turning, position, braking, and lighting.

The exterior design of the MEV City features a wiper & washer, a panoramic sunroof, openable electric rear window, electric windows overall, a central locking system, parking assist, and a safety cage design with impact absorbing structures. It also comes with a Type 2 charge cable for charging at domestic or charge stations. The windows have a natural de-mister and warm air blower. It
includes heating, power steering and air conditioning as well.

The interior design of the car comes with safety belts for both the driver and auxiliary driver, an USB charger, 12V outer power source system, LCD meters, braking fluid warning indicator, reverse beeper, a radio that’s compatible with USB flash drive and features digital clock, audio system with LCD screen, 2 stereo speakers with adjustable antenna, anti-slip floor, a defog device, parking assist
on-screen, Bluetooth, and a park brake.

We can register the vehicle with DVLA.

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Climbing Ability:

20 degrees

Engine type:

AC brushless motor


3.5kw (City 1) 7.5kw (City 2 & 3)


60V (1) 72V (2&3)


Maintenance-free VRLA (1&2) Lithium LFP (3)


Front & Rear; Disk-Type Hydraulic Brake

MEV City

1, 2, 3







Wheel Base:

1500 mm

Front Wheel Track:


Rear Wheel Track:


Min. Ground Clearance:


Curb Weight:


Seat Number:

2 pcs

Driving Type:

AC Brushless Motor

Rated Power:

3.5kw (City 1) 7.5kw (City 2 & 3)

Rated Voltage:

60v (1) 72v (2&3)

Battery type:

Maintenance-free VRLA (1&2) Lithium LFP (3)

Battery Spec:

12V 120Ah / 12v 100Ah

Battery Qty:

5 pcs / 6 pcs

Charger Type:

Onboard via EC Type 2 Cable

Charging Volt:

90v – 220v (50-60Hz)




Single Reduction

Differential Case:



Rear axle

Front Suspension:

McPherson Independent Suspension

Rear Suspension:

Trailing Arm Independent

Body Structure:

Integral Frame Structure

Front Brake:

Disk-Type Hydraulic Brake

Rear Brake:

Disk-Type Hydraulic Brake

Parking Brake:

Hand Brake

Front Wheel:


Rear Wheel:


Wheel Rim:

Aluminium-Alloy Rim

Max Speed City 1

45km/h 30mph

Max Speed City 2

80km/h 50mph

Max Speed City 3

80km/h 50mph

Climbing Ability City 1


Climbing Ability City 2


Climbing Ability City 3


Standard Driving City 1

70 miles 112km

Standard Driving City 2

60 miles 96km

Standard Driving City 3

80 miles 128km

ECO Mode City 1

80 miles 128km

ECO Mode City 2

70 miles 112km

ECO Mode City 3

90 miles 144km