Model 30 Cargo Electric Delivery Scooter


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The Model 30 Cargo Electric Delivery Scooter comes with a 108 litres capacity back box, making it the perfect vehicle for delivery purpose. This practical mid-size electric scooter comes with top of the line specifications and excellent build quality.

Key Features of the Model 30 Cargo

  • 3000W brushless DC hub motor
  •  72V 50Ah removeable lithium ion battery
  •  50 kmph/31 mph max. speed
  •  Up to 140 km/87 miles running distance
  •  13″ tyres
  •  Disc brake front and rear
  •  Premium dual front fork shock absorbers
  •  Net weight 142 kg
  •  >15 degree climbing capacity
  •  CE certification

The Model 30 Cargo Electric Scooter is powered by a 3000W curve magnet brushless DC hub motor, running on a 72V 50AH Lithium ion battery. With swift acceleration and a smooth riding performance, the bike can reach a top speed of 50 kmph/31 mph. It can travel up to a maximum distance of 140 km/87 miles on a single charge.

The battery on Model 30 Cargo can be removed for charging purpose. It requires an external socket of 240V/50-60Hz voltage input and takes about 6 hours to  be fully charged. The electric scooter is fitted with a CATL made battery. CATL is the largest maker of EV batteries in the world. They provide a manufacturer’s warranty lasting 8 years or 50,000 miles.

The Model 30 Cargo Electric Scooter comes with disc brakes on both the front and rear boasting of an advanced regenerative braking feature. There is also a reverse gear and pillion footrests. The bike also features LED lights and a digital screen for display.

The most impressive feature of the Model 30 Cargo Electric Scooter is undoubtedly its integrated largeback box. With a capacity of 108 litres, it comes with three layers of insulation. Measuring 35 x 35 x 40 cm, it is just the perfect size for a delivery scooter.

Model 30 Cargo is registered vehicle and requires a license, insurance and approved helmet for permission to drive.


3000W brushless DC hub motor


72V 50Ah lithium ion battery

Max speed

50 km/h

Running distance

Up to 140km

Loading capacity





Disc brake front disc brake rear

Front fork

Premium dual front fork shock absorbers


142 KG

Climbing capacity

>15 degree

Charging time:

6 hours

Charging input voltage:





Centre and side


Steel Alloy