Sunra Hawk

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The Sunra Hawk electric scooter is one the largest in it segment, and comes with a long list of features, starting with a massive 3000- watt DC brushless motor . Adding to this, the Sunra Hawk electric scooter can reach an impressive 45 km/h (28 mph) without emitting any Co2.

Key Features of the Sunra Hawk Electric Scooter

  • 3000- watt DC brushless motor
  •  45 km/h (28 mph) max speed
  •  72v/20Ah led gel battery/6 – 8-hour charging time
  •  48 kms (30 miles) riding distance per charge
  •  Regen braking system, and both front and rear disc brakes
  •  15-degree uphill climbing capacity
  •  150 kgs load capacity
  •  3.5" x 12" tires
  •  Integrated alarm system

The Sunra Hawk electric scooter is powered by a non-removable 72v/20Ah led gel battery, which can be charged fully in roughly six to eight hours,  after which you can ride the scooter for 48 kms (30 miles).

With regards to safety, the Sunra Hawk doesn’t disappoint with its regen braking system, and both front and rear disc brakes.

The Sunra Hawk electric scooter can climb up to 15-degree uphill, and can carry a 150 kgs capacity. It can be charged via any standard UK three- pin socket ,  and can be registered within two to three weeks, often times much sooner.

The Sunra Hawk electric scooter arrives factory-fitted with 3.5" x 12" tires that collectively provide superior traction on moderately wet UK roads.

It comes with an integrated alarm system to prevent it against theft, four bright headlights at the front, indicator lights, and a taillight.

The Sunra Hawk electric scooter can be ordered in a choice of two exciting colors—white and blue, and comes with mudguards at the front and rear. It is equipped with a plush-padded seat for a comfortable ride, and two side view mirrors at the front.

Additional information

Road Tax Payable


Co2 Emissions


Regen Braking


Brake System (front/rear)

Disc Brake/Disc Brake Max



Range per charge

up to 30 Miles

Battery Weight


Net Weight (no battery)



L 200cm x W 90cm x H 127cm

Rated Motor Power (W)

3000W DC Brushless Motor Consume/100km: <1.8kw/h

Battery Type

72v/20Ah Lead Gel Battery (Not Removable)

Charging Input

110v/220v 50-60hz

Charging Time

6-8 hours Approx.

Charging Cost

£0.20p (full)

Outlet Required

Standard UK 3 Pin Socket

Tyre Size

3.5" x 12"


12 deg.(25%)

Max Load


Registration Process

2-3 weeks but some times sooner


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