VS5 Max Electric Moped / Motorbike


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The VS5 Max electric moped / motorbike is a stunner. The superior agility and manoeuvrability make it an amazing electric scooter option for you. Its 3000 watts of motor power and 72V 45AH battery capacity are some of its stunning features.

Key Specifications:

  •  Motor Power: 3000 W
  •  Maximum Speed: 70 kmh (43.49 mph )
  •  Battery Capacity: 72V 45AH
  •  Transmission Type: Wheel-hub motor
  •  Maximum Range: 101 km (62.75 miles)
  •  Battery Type: Portable Li-Ion
  •  Tyres: F: 110/70 – 12, R: 110/70 – 12
  •  Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  •  Product Weight: 96 kg

The VS5 Max electric motorbike is black in color and comes with an avant-garde delivery design. The advanced cruise control and smart battery management system make it suitable for people of all ages. It boasts of a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour (43.49 miles per hour) on a single charge. The motor power of 3000 watts, 20% hill-starting ability, and the wheel hub motor ensure a smooth riding experience for riders.

The front and rear hydraulic disc brake systems offer amazing control on both straight and slightly elevated roads. The LED front and rear lights make night time riding safe and smooth. The VS5 Max model is durable and easy to use and maintain. The regenerative combined braking system (CBS) and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure maximum control and protection for the user. With a 110-liter top case, wide range capability, 40 kg luggage capacity, and superior torque (39.0 nm), the VS5 Max model has become the perfect choice for your everyday transportation needs.

Compared to other market-available electric scooter models, this one is quite advanced because of its avant-garde delivery design and automatic high-current and low-voltage protection. The voltage protection saves the battery and lets it be functional for a longer period of time. It runs at a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour on a single charge, and the cruise control makes it safe for all. This is a compact model and is meant for easy and smooth commuting. The dimensions of the full product are L:1930 mm, W:735 mm, and H:1220 mm. Get the VS5 Max electric motorbike and enjoy new definitions of superior agility and maneuverability.

Battery :

Portable huge li-ion battery

Led :

Front / rear led lamps

Agility :

Superior agility and maneuverability

Design :

Avant-garde delivery design

Control :

Cruise control

Smart battery :

Smart battery management system

Protection :

Automatic high current and low voltage protection

Brake system :

Front/rear hydraulic disc brake system

Capacity :

40 kg luggage capacity

Topcase :

With 110 L topcase

Range capability :

Wide range capability

Torque :

Superior torque


Regerenative combined braking system (cbs)


l3e-a1 low-performance motorcycle

Max Speed:

70 KMH

Motor Power:

3000 W

Motor torque:

39.0 NM


L:1930 MM
W:735 MM
H:1220 MM


96 KG

Max Per Mass:

150 KG

Battery mass:

29 KG

Hill-starting ability:


Battery Type:


Battery capacity:

72V 45AH

Transmission type:


Energy consumption:

24 WH/KM

Electric range:

101 KM

Braking system:



F: 110/70-12
R: 110/70-12

Seating position num:


Euro level: