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Electric mopeds are becoming increasingly popular in cities and beyond, and across the world. This class of electric powered vehicles are sometimes confused with petrol powered mopeds owing to their close similarities in design. In terms of costs, electric mopeds are a winner compared to petrol mopeds because they are powered by rechargeable batteries and not expensive fossil fuels.

Speaking of batteries, lithium batteries used to be incredibly expensive a few years ago, making electric mopeds an expensive mode of transportation for the emerging market. But with the considerable drop in lithium battery prices, electric mopeds have become much more popular and highly affordable.

Given the government’s recent expansion of congestion zones, which restricts petrol and diesel cars from entering certain low emission roads specifically in London, electric mopeds are going to become even more popular in the country. But that’s not all, electric mopeds are equipped with less parts than their petrol counterparts, which results in less noise due to a lack of a motor and reduced costs of repairs.

Electric Moped UK Laws

One of the common questions people often ask is what are the laws and rules apply to electric mopeds and electric scooters. Electric mopeds that that can achieve speeds of 28mph/45kmph are classed as L3e-A1.

So, even though there is no speed restriction, riders must be over the age of 17, and have passed a CBT course or have a full motorcycle license. For mopeds restricted to restricted to 28mph (45kmh), riders need to be over the age of 16, and have either passed a CBT course or have a AM or P category on their current driver license.

Apart from meeting the minimum age and standard, you will also need electric moped UK insurance cover to ride on UK roads. Third party coverage is the minimum level of insurance required to ride an electric moped, which covers some of the costs in the event you were to damage another vehicle or property or injure another road user.

Electric mopeds also require a MOT, which is basically an annual test of vehicle safety in the UK. Apart from the criteria mentioned above, you must wear a helmet at all times when riding your moped on UK roads.


Electric mopeds can save you a serious amount of cash on fuel costs, and are great for commuting across shorter distances. In terms of travel distance, each electric moped model varies, but in most cases is between 30 and 50+ miles on a single charge. Lithium ion batteries deliver more miles per charge and are a lot more powerful compared to other types of batteries.

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