The electric motorbikes that we carry are so similar to the petrol-driven models, most people won’t be able to ascertain the difference. As an owner of a motorbike, however, you’ll be aware of the differences right from the start. It is far more economical to own and run, and you won’t be contributing to environmental concerns. Features are nearly identical. The electric motorbike we offer has an ignition switch, powerful headlights, and bright indicators. Hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers make your ride comfortable and safe.

Fully charging the powerful lithium battery will allow you a trip of about 100 km (62.1371 miles), at a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). The battery recharges in about six to eight hours, on normal household current. Charging during off-peak hours will cost you mere pence a day. The charger is portable, so you can take it with you and recharge when you reach your destination.

Other features of the motorbikes include a comfortable saddle seat and storage areas for parcels, books, or other items you must carry along. Contact us at any time for further specifications and pricing. You may soon find we are the low-price leader online.


Electric motorbike

Za Za R3 Version 2

£2,199.99 £1,699.99

Electric motorbike

Za Za R3 Version 4

£2,299.99 £1,800.00

Electric motorbike

Za Za R3 Version 7

£3,299.99 £2,799.99