Today’s modern electric mountain bikes are versatile modes of transportation whether you are commuting or using the bike for leisure time travel. Available in both men’s and ladies’ models with appropriate colors, the mountain bikes sport many features that can’t always be found, even on more expensive mountain bikes.

A multifunction display is located on the handlebar for the convenience of the rider. From the display, you can control speed, switch on the headlight, and use the PAS button. The headlight and rear taillight are LED, providing safe nighttime driving. Not only do the lights help you see better, they also alert other people to your presence on the road, for the sake of safety.

The electric mountain bikes can also be propelled by human power. You can pedal the electric bike, to burn those extra calories and help preserve the life of the battery. Then, switch the motor back on to give you a powerful assist on hills and rough terrain. The mountain bike can reach a top speed of about 15.5 mph and carry you on your journey for about 31 miles/50 km. The battery recharges with a recharging unit that can be carried along if, for instance, you wish to make a longer trip. Charging the bike’s motor overnight will give you power for the next day.

A solid braking system brings the bike to a complete stop immediately upon request. The gearbox allows easy shifting through the gears to enhance your speed, as needed.

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