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The M365 Electric Scooter boasts of a forward-thinking design with smart controls. With a sleek and minimal design, it can be easily folded in three simple steps to give you a modern and efficient commute option.

Key Specifications:

  • Max speed: 25kmh [15.5 miles]
  • Max distance: 20-24km [12-15 miles]
  • Max climbing angle: 25°
  • Max load: 120 kg
  • Battery capacity: 36V 10.4 An
  • Motor power: 350W
  • Motor power: brushless motor
  • Wheel size: 8.5 inches
  • Wheel material: pneumatic tire / solid tire
  • Product weight: 12.5 kg
  • Folding size: 94 x 15 x 33 cm
  • Unfolding size: 103 x 15 x 112 cm

The M365 Electric Scooter is powered by a 350W brushless motor to ensure a smooth riding performance. The maximum running distance for the scooter is about 20-24km [12-15miles]  on a single battery charge. It can reach a maximum speed limit of 25km [15.5 mph]. The electric scooter can be driven on slightly elevated roads as it has a climbing capacity of 25 degrees. The scooter can carry a maximum load of about 120 kilograms.

The M365 scooter comes in either black or white frame. It has a uniformly geometric design with a curved pedal board that offers maximum comfort. The scooter comes with an app management plus controller. Pneumatic tires measuring 8.5 inches are fitted in the front and back, giving the scooter more stability and better shock absorption qualities.

The battery needs an electric voltage of 42V to be powered fully. Weighing at only 12.5 kilograms, the M365 electric scooter is designed to be compact and lightweight. It is easily foldable in three steps and can be carried everywhere without much difficulty. Just simply flip down the folding lever and the bell of the scooter latches onto the rear wheel. This secure folding design makes it perfect for carrying in by hand, or in the trunk of a car.