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The YW-04 adult electric scooter boasts a sleek design, and comes loaded with key features for a comfortable and safe riding experience. For starters, it is powered by a 60V 20A lithium battery, which takes approximately between eight to ten hours to
fully charge, and then can be used for 75 kms (46 miles) with USB connectivity.

Key Features of the YW-04 Adult Electric Scooter

  • 60V 20A lithium battery
  • 75 kms (46 miles) runtime per charge with USB connectivity
  • 8 – 10 hours battery charging time
  • 800w 10 inch 213 motor/15 degrees climbing angle
  • Front disc brake and rear drum brake
  • 45 km/h (27 MPH) max speed
  • Choice of several great color options

Further, the YW-04 adult electric scooter is powered by an 800w 10 inch 213 motor, which allows the scooter to reach a climbing angle of 15 degrees. It comes fitted with two 10–inch tires, which provide great grip on both rugged and moderately wet roads.

The wheels of the YW-04 adult electric scooter are equipped with rims made form robust quality carbon fiber, so you can expect long service life with proper care. For safety, the YW-04 electric scooter comes with a front disc brake and rear drum brake, which allow you to reach a complete stop when needed.

The YW-04 adult electric scooter offers a max speed of 45 km/h (27 MPH), making it a great choice for your daily commutes. The battery of the YW-04 electric scooter is located at the bottom of the seat barrel, so its out of your way, and protected against

It comes with a 60V/ 72V 12 tube 30A assembly to help control the speed of the YW- 04 adult electric scooter. The YW-04 adult electric scooter is equipped with a large, comfortable seat, and a kickstand to keep the vehicle in place when parked.

Furthermore, it can be ordered in a wide range of great colors, and with an optional backrest for the pillion rider. Other key accessories of the YW-04 adult electric scooter include two sideview mirrors, headlight and taillight, and mudguards at the
front and rear.

Additional information


60V 20A Lithium battery

Battery location

bottom of seat barrel

Battery brand



800w 10 inch 213 (Jin Yuxing)

Tire size

3.00-10 Zhengxin

Rim material

carbon fiber


60V/ 72V 12 tube 30A assembly


front disc and rear drum

Charging time

8 hours/ 10 hours

Max. speed

45km / h (with third speed))

Full charg range

75km(with USB)

Vehicle size

: 1780 * 720 * 1230mm

Wheel base

1320 mm

Climbing angle

15 degree

Ground height

160 mm


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