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X6 Electric Scooter


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The X6 electric scooter is an amazing choice for people who are looking for a reliable and fast mode of transportation. It is equipped with a powerful lithium battery, rated at 48 volts and 21 AH, and dual motors (each providing 1200 watts). One motor is for the front wheel, and another one is for the rear wheel. It is one of the best electric scooter choices for people concerned about performance.

This electric scooter is an ideal choice for you for plenty of reasons. It takes nine to ten hours to get fully charged. The brake system consists of both front and rear disc brakes, ensuring quick and efficient stopping power. It has an impressive maximum speed of 55–60 kilometres per hour (34.17–37.28 mph), making it one of the fastest electric scooters available on the market. Moreover, it comes with a maximum gradeability of 35° to let users ride on slightly elevated roads.

The lithium battery provides a maximum mileage of 45–60 km (27.96–37.28 mph) on a single charge. Its maximum load capacity is 150 kg, making everyday rides easy and comfortable for users. The tyres are 10 inches in diameter and ensure a smooth ride on all types of terrain.

It features a bright headlamp that can illuminate your path even in low-light settings. It also comes with an electric key facility to ensure an extra layer of security, ensuring only authorised riders can operate the electric scooter.

The electric scooter is CE-certified, meaning it meets all safety standards set by the board. It is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. Lastly, the sleek design and bold black colour give this electric scooter a modern and elegant look.

Battery Type:

Lithium Battery
48 V 21Ah

Motor-Rated Power:

1200 Watts X 2 (rear+front

Range Voltage:


Input Volage:


Charge Time:

9-11 hour

Brake System:

front+ rear disc brake

Max Speed:

55~60 kmh (34.17- 37.28mph)

Max Gradeability:


Maximum Mileage:

45~60 km (27.96- 37.28mph)

Maximum Load:

150 kg


10-inch off-road tyre

Ip Grade:


Dimension (L×w×h):

1100 X 240 X (80~120) mm

Package Dimension (L×w×h):

1220 X 260 X 480 mm


29 kg/33kg






1)Bright Headlamp,
2)Electric Key
3) Dual Motor