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knight II Cheapest Electric Scooter

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The Knight II electric scooter is a great looking, reliable battery-driven vehicle that is suitable for commuting to and from work or school. The Knight II is also perfect for errands around the village or community and for visiting friends and neighbors. Built on a sturdy iron frame, the plastic parts are strong and resilient. The front fork has a shock absorber for a smoother, comfortable ride. The electric scooter carries a maximum load of 110 kilograms. A padded, comfortable saddle provides a secure place for the rider to sit.  In addition to running the electric scooter off the battery, the rider can also pedal the scooter. With pedal assist, the Knight II electric scooter can travel a distance of 40-50 kilometres on a single charge.

The 48-volt, 12-amp hour lead acid battery charges easily off regular household current. A full charge of approximately six to eight hours will allow you to travel at a maximum speed of about 35 kilometres per hour. Imagine how quickly you attend to your daily errands and travel back and forth to school or work. With front and rear drum brakes, your stopping ability is second to none.

In addition to providing you and your family with a reliable means of transportation, the Knight II electric scooter is ecologically responsible. Since it does not run on petrol, you don’t have to worry about paying the high price for fuel or for depleting precious fossil fuels. The electric scooter is quiet, with its 350-watt brushless motor making very little noise at all. Your neighbors will appreciate this feature, as will you. Weighing in at about 65 kilograms, including the battery, the scooter is light weight enough for most riders to handle with ease. Comfortable handlebars hold dual rearview mirrors and a headlight for safety. 

battery 48V12Ah lead acid battery
brake front and rear drum brake
charging time 6-8 hours
frame iron frame with plastic parts
front fork suspension with shock absorber
max loading 110kg
max speed 35 km/h
motor 350w brushless
NW/GW 58KG/63KG(with battery)
range 40-50km with pedal assist
size 14 inch

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