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Electric Scooter

Be free to travel. Visit your friends, go to school, and commute to work in comfort and style, all the while knowing that you are not contributing to air pollution or the depletion of precious fossil fuels. Cost effective yet stylish, adult scooters are available in several models; we offer a good selection from which you may choose. Each of the scooters boasts a very reliable brushless motor, a durable rechargeable battery, and efficient braking for safety. Adult electric scooters start at a very affordable £859.99 and £259.99 for a scooter

The electric scooter / moped are economically sound purchase for young people who need to get back and forth to school or college. It’s also perfect for any individual who needs independent transportation for errands or to the market. Easily operated and very maneuverable in traffic, the scooters may be the best solution for stress-free daily trips. These energy-efficient scooters are ideal for city dwellers who seek eco-friendly private transportation that is more inexpensive to purchase and affordable to run.

Features of our popular adult electric scooters / moped include speeds between 15.5-40 miles per hour, and a battery charge range between 40-100 miles, depending on terrain. With motors from 250-watts, the scooter is powerful enough to let you conquer most terrains easily. Smooth steering and strong, reliable brakes help make your journey more pleasant and safe. Scooters are considered to be mopeds, so rider-owners will need a license, insurance, and a helmet for legal operation of the scooter however we offer no license options too.

All the vehicles come with a one-year warranty. We deliver to mainland UK addresses within 2-3 days of receipt of your order. Customers routinely recommend all of our vehicles, and especially our state of the art scooters. We have a wealth of independent reviews of our vehicles, which we are willing to share with you upon request.



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