InMotion E3 Personal Transporter

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The InMotion E3 Personal Transporter is equipped with not one but two powerful 400- watt motors, which collectively allow it to achieve a 17.7 km/h (11 mph) max speed.

Key Features of the InMotion E3 Personal Transporter

  •  17.7 km/h (11 mph) max speed
  • 2 powerful 400-watt motors
  • 300 Wh battery/5-hour charging time/30 kms riding distance
  • Weighs 13.5 kgs/75 kgs weight capacity
  • Deployable kick stand/10 LED lights

This gyroscopically stabilized hoverboard is powered by a 300 Wh battery that can be charged quickly in roughly five hours, after which you can ride the hoverboard for 30 kms.
The InMotion E3 Personal Transporter measures 50 cms wide, 26 cms deep, 60 cms tall, and tips the scales at just 13.5 kgs, making it easy to ride for both novice and seasoned users.
It is suitable for all ages, and comes with everything you need to get started including a knee control stick, fixing tool, power lead, charger, inflation adapter, and owner’s manual.
The InMotion E3 Personal Transporter is easy to assemble by simply placing the knee bar into the protruding hub, and that’s it. Furthermore, it comes with fully inflated tires right out of the box, but you can always use the included inflation tool The InMotion E3 Personal Transporter hoverboard can accommodate up to 75 kgs weight, so it can be used by moderate to heavy weight riders. It arrives partially charged, and even though you can ride it this way, it’s recommended that you fully
charge the battery before first use.
Controlling the InMotion E3 Personal Transporter is easy, thanks to its integrated sensors tucked away under the soft foot plates.
The rear of the InMotion E3 Personal Transporter features a deployable kick stand that you can use to prop up the vehicle when charging or storing it.
The InMotion E3 Personal Transporter comes with a total of 10 LED lights, and can be paired with a smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Additional information


twin 400w (800w peak)

maximum range

18.6 mile (30km)

top speed

11mph (17.7km/h)



charge time

5 hour










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