When it comes to daily commutes, a folding electric bike might answer all your needs – in one small package. First and foremost, you won’t be adding to air pollution and other environmental woes as you make your way to work or to the local train or other public transportation. Secondly, your health may benefit, as you are free to pedal the bike, as well as engage the motor – or do both, for motor-assisted pedaling. And one more thing – a folding bike is an affordable option.

Electric bikes are built on strong, painted steel frames with high quality, state-of-the-art features. With either the lead acid or Lithium (dependent upon style) batteries give you ample energy for about 35 km/21 miles of travel, at a top speed of about 15.5 mph (25 km/h). Distances and speeds are directly related to the type of terrain being ridden. Dependable brushless motors require little maintenance. The braking system is strong and trustworthy, and complies with Highway Code and traffic regulations. Most models of electric folding bikes have V-brakes on the front wheel and expanding brakes on the rear wheel. The majority of folding electric bikes sport 16” city tires.

Designed for riders age 14 and older, the bike is a great solution if you wish to have independent travel available, without the cost (or air pollution) of owning and maintaining an automobile. A low-profile cross-bar makes the bike a good choice for a woman, as it is easily negotiated. Folding bikes range in weight from 28-30 kg. The range and power of the electric bike allows you to commute to school or work, or finish all your errands with ease. A rear-wheel mounted rack carries your supplies and goods. Most folding electric bikes hold a person weighing in at about 90 kg or less. An LED light is mounted on the handlebars so you can see – and be seen.

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