How to be safe when riding an electric scooter?

Posted On April 8, 2020 By Amit Parmar

Electric scooters are all the rage lately, and among all ages starting from children to teens and even adults. They are a great way to commute over shorter distances or just ride casually on private property. While electric scooters are certainly fun to ride, electric scooters just like traditional bikes and vehicles do pose a threat to their users. That said, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when riding an electric scooter.

Wear safety gear

Wearing safety gear should be top priority regardless of the type of vehicle you ride/drive, but is especially important when it comes to electric scooters given that they are also used by people of young ages. A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear you should carry and wear at all times when riding.

Apart from a helmet, it is a good idea to also wear a mouthguard to protect your mouth from injury. Further, elbow and knee straps are a great way to protect yourself from scrapes and bumps should you tip over. Gloves, even though not important are a great way to get a good grip on the handle of the electric scooter, especially in wet weather conditions.

Check the tires and brakes

Before you head out on your electric scooter, it is important to check the tires to ensure that they are ready for the terrain and road you’re about to explore. Tires seem to wear out over time, so you will probably need to replace them periodically. You should also check the brakes each time before riding your electric scooter to ensure that they are able to stop the vehicle in its tracks when needed.

Avoid slippery surfaces

Most of the best electric scooters can be used in moderate wet weather, but you should keep in mind that certain surfaces such as metal, marble tiles, muddy sidewalks and wet streets may not provide the right support for the tires. Adding to this, the braking system of the electric scooter may also not work its best on these types of wet surfaces.

When riding in wet weather, you should also be mindful of any puddles on the road, because even though they may appear harmless, they can also injury to your yourself, and considerable damage to the electric scooter. If you’re riding in wet weather and on rugged terrain or roads with potholes, it is best to ride at low speeds or even stop altogether.

Speaking of rain, it is a good idea to stop riding in the event lighting strikes. If you get caught in a sudden downpour of rain, keep calm and push your electric scooter to an area of refuge.



Final thoughts:

Buying an electric scooter is a great choice, but it is highly important that you also consider the necessary safety measures when riding. Most if not all of the safety gear mentioned on this list is highly affordable, and some of them already available in your home if you perform other sports.

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