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  • XW-ESU012 - Adult Electric Scooter

XW-ESU012 - Adult Electric Scooter

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This is one amazing electric scooter. With an attractive and strong aerospace aluminum alloy body and front suspension, the hefty scooter carries up to 80 kg with no loss of speed or distance. The motor boasts two speeds: 25 kmh / 15.5mph for adult riders and only 15 kmh / 10mph for children. The motor is a permanent magnet brushless motor with a power of 300 watts and a maximum motor speed of 5000 rpm at 16 to 21 volts, and 1-40 amps. The rechargeable lithium battery provides 18 volts, 10 amp-hours. With a full charge on the battery, the electric scooter can go for a distance of about 30 kilometers. 


Eight inch inflatable tires are rugged and stand up to constant wear and tear. The platform is sturdy and non-slip, with the distance between front and rear tires being 745 millimeters. A bright 3 inch LCD display shows the status for the scooter’s battery, as well as speed, mileage, and motor. The speed controller is a three inch dual mode display, showing speeds for both adults and children.


If you need reliable, strong, yet lightweight transportation for trips back and forth to school or for commuting to the train station, this electric scooter might be your best answer. Because it does not burn fossil fuels, you won’t contribute to depletion thereof or to air pollution. You can choose to not use the motor, and simply scoot the scooter along with your legs, thereby giving you some daily exercise. Use the motor for assistance.


Current/Voltage 16-21V, 1-40A
Distance between 2 tires 745mm
LCD 3" display the status for battery, speed, milage and motor
Material Aerospace aluminum alloy
Max load capacity: 80kg
Max speed modes 25KM/H for Adult, 15KM/H for kids
Motor power (W) 300W
Range per charge 30KM
Size 1020*355*140mm(fold)
Speed controller 3inch dual mode display
Tire Size: 8 inch inflatable tire
Max Speed: 5000r/min
Battery Type: lithium battery, 18V 10AH (25pcs battery)
Motor Type: Permanent magnet brushless motor

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