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  • Z4L ES8001 - Adult Electric Scooter

Z4L ES8001 - Adult Electric Scooter

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When you need a sturdy, reliable electric scooter, look no further than the ES8001, a folding scooter with a removable seat. With a new swing arm, full suspension design, a 20” billet head set, and racing bars, this electric scooter may be just the answer you’re seeking for yourself or for a family member. The frame is strong, high-tensile steel, while the deck is made from ABS Resin-QR. The scooter is perfect for commuting to a nearby office, riding to the train station, or taking a student back and forth to school.


The ES8001 boasts a 500 watt motor, which provides more than enough power for any circumstance. The electric scooter has front and rear disc brakes that are controlled by a hand operation on the handlebars. A full charge to the battery will give the rider up to 40 minutes of continuous use, at speeds up to 35 KMH / 22MPH. The twist-grip throttle controls a chain-driven, high torque motor. The foldable design makes it very attractive for those who are traveling to and from public transportation. The weight (about 38 kgs) won’t be a hindrance. The power transmission is through a reliable chain drive and the front and rear tires are a very safe 3.00-4.


The scooter has a 36v 12ah lead acid battery


The ES8001 bright orange electric scooter can be fully charged in about 8-9 hours from standard household current. When you have finished using it for the day, simply plug it into a nearby outlet and the scooter will be ready to go in the morning.

20 inc Folding Yes, patent
Battery 36V 12AH lead-acid
Carton dimensions: 116x31x50cm/1pc
Container Loading: 155pcs/20’, 322pcs/40’, 378pcs/40’HQ
Controller: 36V/500W
Frame material high-tensile
Front and Rear wheel certificate: 4.10/3.00-4 New swing arm full suspension design 20'billet head set and racing bars
Max load capacity: 120kg/264lbs
Motor: 36V/500W
Packing: Carton Packing
Power assisted system chain drive
Product Dimensions: 1120x460x1055mm
QR Handle bar MX style riser
Range per charge 25km/14.3miles
Rate power 500W±10%
Seat Yes, removable
steel Deck material ABS resin-
Weight Including Battery: 44kgs/97lbs
Max Speed: 35km/h
Charge Time: 8-9 hours
Brakes: front single mechanical disc/φ120; rear single mechanical disc/φ140

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