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Infineum Continental Electric Bike

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Infineum Continental Electric Bike

This electric bike may be the ultimate in energy-smart, stylish transportation. With a sturdy aluminum frame and powerful electric motor, this bike could be the ultimate answer to traditional commuting. Able to travel up to 30 miles on a full charge, the motor can easily handle your commute, while you don’t exert undue effort taking a bike to work. If you need a work-out on your way home, disengage the motor and pedal the bike for a bit of exercise. The step-through aluminum frame is strong enough to support nearly anyone, age 14 and older. Handlebars and the saddle bike seat are fully adjustable.

The Infineum Continental Electric Bike has the latest in motor technology and gearing mechanisms. The Lithium Polymer battery is among the most advanced in the industry. A display on the handlebars shows how much battery power remains. Shimano Nexus gear shifters work through eight speeds and the electric bike sports roller front and rear brakes for safe, efficient stop powering. Black/silver 28-inch wheels with strong suspension forks maintain a smooth, comfortable ride.

Other features of the electric bike include a powerful battery charger (about five hours for a full charge), a frame-supported cargo rack over the rear wheel, and kickstand to keep the bike upright.

Max Speed: 15mph
Triple - Mode of Operation Assisted power - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - No speed limit
High Spec Dual Mode Power: - Pedelec power assistance - Can be riden as a normal bicycle Intelligent Brushless motor in front hub Handlebar Display, showing: - Battery Level - Pedelec Power level
Battery Performance Lithium Polymer battery - 36V 6.3Ah = 223 Watt hours 18 - 30 miles per battery with pedalling on a flat surface Full battery recharge in 5 hours Recharge the battery for 1000 cycles Battery discretely locks into cycle 80% efficiency
Physical Features Step-through aluminium frame - Metalic Blackand Silver 28 inch Wheels Forks - SunTour suspension forks Handlebar height - 105cm to 116cm Length of cycle - 182cm Weight including battery - 26kg
Extras included Battery charger Rear rack supporting up to 15kg
Brakes: Shimano Nexus: - Revo gear shifters - 8 speed hub gearc - Roller brakes front and rear - Cranks (170mm) - Chainwheel (38 teeth)

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