LED high visibility vests are a wide range of benefits for several different applications and careers. They are designed to make it easy to spot workers, and are often time a must have safety measure for those in the construction field and who operate moving vehicles and equipment especially in low visibility conditions.

They can be used when outdoors walking, cycling, running to be super visible even in low light conditions.
Very fashionable as well as safe!
They offer led lights on front and back and can be charged by a lithium battery

Very high spec!

This range of reflective products serves two main purposes – first they make the wearer highly visible to oncoming vehicular traffic, and make them stand out from the background environment. Second, high visibility vests can also be used by people who’s just like to be safe on the road when riding and even is nice to have at all times in the trunk of your vehicle in case you get stranded in the middle of the road.

They are made from tough grade material, hence are able to withstand a fair bit of wear and tear. Additionally, they can be worn over your existing clothing and mostly come in different sizes . High visibility LED vests are made from lightweight fabric, so you can wear them even across longer periods of time, and feature reflective stripes that enhance their overall visibility.

We are selling vests in black and yellow as well as backpacks.

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