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Electric scooters are a fun and breezy way to commute. With zero fuel consumption, they are cheaper, eco-friendly, and emission-free. Riding an adult scooter in the UK has become a popular notion among the younger generation. But before you take out your e-scooter for a ride around town, Make sure you also invest in the must-have accessories for your scooter. These add-ons keep you protected and comfortable, and help you make the most of your riding experience.


Safety should always be the number one priority while riding an e-scooter. And helmets are the most important safety gear you need. Although slower than a motorbike, electric scooters also have their own risks and dangers. Especially on the main road between heavy traffic, electric scooters can be involved in sudden collisions or accidents. Wearing a helmet will keep the rider safe and protect their head from any grave injury. Choose a lightweight and comfortable helmet that does not hinder your riding performance, but gives you complete protection.


If your electric scooter has a foldable design, the best course of action is to carry it with you. But for scooters that are not portable, make sure you park them secured with a strong and durable lock. Before stepping outside with your e-scooter, purchase a secure lock to keep your ride parked safely in a public place for an extended period of time. Remember that some locks are better than others. For example, cable locks, though popular, are easy to cut. U-locks are the most secure choice.

Phone Holder

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. Just like we use phone holders on the windshields of our cars, phone holders can also be attached to the handle bar of an adult scooter in the UK. They allow you to look at your phone screen without removing your eyes from the road. It lets you view the GPS navigation in a hands-free way and also shows you who is calling. While fixing the phone holder to your scooter handlebar, make sure it has a firm grip on your phone to avoid any slipping accidents.


A good pair of riding gloves are a must-have for every electric scooter rider. They provide a better grip on the handle and allow you more control to steer the ride comfortably. Gloves also protect you from harsh weather conditions. They keep your hands warm during winters and prevent your hands from slipping in heavy rains. In the event of an accident, wearing gloves will protect the skin on your hands. If you have an e-scooter that can reach high speeds, pick out gloves with a little more thickness.

Front and Rear Lights

Most electric scooters have low-mounted lights which is not sufficient enough for illumination. For maximum protection, install a bright headlight and rear lights on the front and back of your scooter. They help improve your vision of the road ahead of you and increase the visibility of dark roads. The tail light behind helps to indicate other drivers on the road of your presence, which is important in dark roads or gloomy weather conditions. Adding lights to your e-scooter increases your riding safety and makes you visible to other vehicles on the road.


Riding an adult scooter in the UK continues to grow in popularity. Using these scooter accessories mentioned above will make your riding experience safer and more comfortable, and also prolong its lifetime.

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