If you like the efficiency of an electric bike, but the look of a stylish, sleek scooter, you don’t have to bother with licenses or insurance anymore. The No-License Scooters is the answer to your desires. Classified as an electric bike, the scooters offers you a maximum speed of 25 km/h (or 15.5 mph), with a powerful lithium battery that will last for more than 800 charges. A full charge of the battery takes about 4 to 6 hours on regular household current, and will carry you for a day-long commute, or for running errands. With a steel frame and 18” normal tires, the ride is comfortable and steady. A hydraulic suspension system front fork and all-alloy rims add to the comfort of this no license scooter. The electric bike (or scooter) has front drum brakes and rear expanding brakes that feature a motor lock, making your ride safe. This is the perfect ride for the student who needs to ride back and forth to class or for the housewife who needs to make quick trips to the market or to visit friends. A mudguard is in place to protect clothing in wet or muddy weather. The scooters have a sporty look. Much higher priced scooters look much the same as the No License Scooters, but with this electric bike / scooter, you don’t have to buy insurance or get a license.

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