Model 18 Cargo Electric Delivery Scooter


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When it comes to an electric bike that offers the best solution for fast food delivery or courier riders then the model 18 cargo electric delivery no license scooter fits the bill perfectly. Since it belongs to the same class as bicycles in legal terms, anyone over 14 years of age can ride it on cycle tracks, roads, bus lanes, or anywhere for that matter. Also, given that there is no compulsory insurance needed for the model 18 cargo bike as well as no need to be registered with the DVLA, it can be counted as the best option for delivery riders in terms of cost. As a rider, you can manoeuvre the model 18 no license scooter through the lanes and bylanes of any urban landscape or rural roads using a twist handlebar accelerator. This no license scooter can hit a maximum speed of 25kmh / 15.5 mph and travel a distance of 75 km/45 miles with a fully charged battery. The battery can be removed and charged indoors.

Key Features of the Model 18 Cargo Electric Delivery Scooter

  • Battery: 48V 20Ah removeable lithium-ion
  •  Max speed: 25kmh / 15.5mph
  •  Running distance: 75 km/45 miles
  •  Loading capacity: 130 kg
  •  Brake: Disc brakes (front and rear)
  •  Battery charging time: 8 – 10 hours
  •  Tyres: 10” x 3.5”
  •  Charging input voltage: 240 volts / 50-60 Hz

The battery can be removed for charging and delivers enough power to drive up to a range of 45 miles. For security purposes, the model 18 cargo electric bike comes with an electronic alarm. To ride this bike, you don’t need a driving licence nor have to pay any vehicle excise duty. Even though a helmet is not needed to ride this bike in legal terms, it is advisable to wear one for your safety. The tyres of 10” x 3.5” offer a good grip on the road surface, and the powerful disc brakes both at the front and rear can bring the electric scooter to an instant halt.


250W brushless DC hub motor


48V 20Ah Lithium Ion battery

Max speed


Running distance

Up to 75km

Loading capacity



10″x 3.5


Disc brake front disc brake rear

Front fork

Premium dual front fork shock absorbers



Climbing capacity

>15 degree

Charging time:

8-10 hours

Charging input voltage:







Steel alloy