Model 18 No License Electric Scooter

£ 1,995.00 £ 1,695.00


The Model 18 No License Electric Scooter boasts of a strong build quality and contemporary styling. Legally, it falls in the same category as bicycles and does not
require a driving license. Anyone above 14 years of age can drive this electric scooter.

Key Features of the Model 18 No License Electric Scooter

  • 250W brushless DC hub motor
  • 48V 20Ah Removeable Lithium Ion battery
  •  25 kmph/15.5 mph max. speed
  •  Up to 75 km/47 miles running distance
  •  10″ x 3.5” tyres
  •  Disc brake front and rear
  •  Net weight 50 kg
  •  >15 degree climbing capacity
  •  CE certification


The Model 18 electric scooter runs on a 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery, which provides a driving distance of about 75 km/47 miles on a single charge plus the battery can be removed for indoor charging. Powered by a 250W brushless DC hub motor, it has a simple twist-and-go handlebar accelerator. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 25 kmph/15.5 mph. Charged on a 240V/50-60Hz voltage input, the battery takes about 8-10 hours to recharge fully.

The no license electric scooter is fitted with disc brakes at both front and rear. It also has a premium dual front fork for best shock absorbing capabilities. The Model 18 scooter comes with 10″ x 3.5” tyres that have a loading capacity of 130 kg. The vehicle weighs about 50 kg.

The Model 18 scooter comes with a CE certification, an assurance of quality product. For security purpose, there is also an electronic alarm. The scooter has a centre stand and footplate made of steel alloy. It also comes with a digital display screen. The No License Electric Scooter is delivered in a complete package including pedals, mirrors, back box, and the charger.

Additional information


250W brushless DC hub motor


48V 20Ah Lithium Ion battery

Max speed


Running distance

Up to 75km

Loading capacity



10″x 3.5


Disc brake front disc brake rear

Front fork

Premium dual front fork shock absorbers



Climbing capacity

>15 degree

Charging time:

8-10 hours

Charging input voltage:







Steel alloy