Model 21 Electric No License Scooter


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The YADEA Model 21 Electric No License Scooter falls under the same category as bicycles. So unlike other vehicles running on petrol or diesel, anyone who is 14 years old and above can drive this electric no license scooter. Built with an exquisite geometry, the battery gives a running distance of about 40 miles on a single charge.

Key Features of the Model 21 Electric No License Scooter

  • 250W brushless DC hub motor
  • 48V 24Ah removeable lithium ion battery
  •  25 km/h max. speed
  •  70km / 40miles distance on one charge
  •  Disc brake front and drum brake rear
  •  16″ x 2.5 tires
  •  Net weight 49 kg
  •  >15 degree climbing capacity

This YADEA electric no license scooter is powered by a removeable 48V 24ah Lithium ion battery which gives Model 21 superior control and range. The removeable rechargeable battery can be charged indoors on a 240V/50-60Hz electric outlet, the battery takes 4-6 hours to be fully charged.

Operating on a 250W brushless DC hub motor, the scooter can reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Fitted with 16 inches wheels and featuring a combined front and rear sensitive braking system, it offers an impressive climbing capacity of 15 degrees. The net weight of the vehicle is 49 kg, with a loading capacity of about 150 kg.

The electric no license scooter works through a simple twist-and-go handlebar accelerator. It has a 4 inches digital display that comes with automatic day and night display modes. It also features LED headlights that can produce both full and dipped beams. The scooter’s footplate and side stand is made of aluminum.

Accompanied by a remote control, this electric no license scooter can be started keyless with the press of a button. The vehicle is fitted with a disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear, which guarantees sensitive braking during a ride. There are also are front, rear and center shock absorbers to ensure a smooth and easygoing journey for both the driver and pillion rider. The scooter comes with an electronic alarm to ensure security.

In addition to the standard features, the YADEA Model 21 Electric No License Scooter also offers bonus features such as a rear seat, back box, and footrests at extra cost

The back box is extra £90


250W brushless DC hub motor


48V 24Ah lithium ion battery

Max speed


Running distance

Up to 70km

Loading capacity



16″x 2.5


Disc brake front drum brake rear

Front fork

Premium dual front fork shock absorbers



Climbing capacity

>15 degree

Charging time:

4-6 hours

Charging input voltage:





Side stand


Steel alloy