Voom Q30 Electric Off Road Scooter


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The Q30 Electric Off Road Scooter is a stylish and powerful model with impressive speed and range. Boasting of 2500W motor power and a 16Ah battery, it delivers a smooth riding performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Off Road powerful electric scooter
  •  Motor Power: 2500W
  •  Maximum Speed: 50 – 60 KM/H [31 – 37.2 mph]
  •  Maximum Range: 40 – 60 KM [24.8 – 37.2 miles]
  •  Battery Capacity: 48V 16Ah
  •  Charging time: 5-8 hours
  •  Climbing Capacity: 30-40 degrees
  •  Loading Capacity: 120 KG
  •  Wheels: 11 inches
  •  Brake: Front and rear spring brake
  •  Net Weight: 35 KG
  •  Waterproof grade: IP55

The Q30 Electric Scooter is powered by a 2500W high-performance motor that guarantees smooth acceleration with minimum noise. It runs on a 48V 16Ah lithium battery that takes about 5 to 8 hours to
get fully recharged. The electric scooter delivers a maximum running distance of 40 to 60 kilometres (24.8to 37.2 miles) on a single charge. It has a highest speed limit of 50 to 60 kilometres per hour (31 to 37.2 miles per hour). The Q30 electric scooter comes with a climbing range of 30 to 40 degrees, making it suitable for slightly elevated terrains. The ride is fitted with 11 inches off road tyres to ensure stability and safety. It also comes equipped with front and rear spring brakes to prevent any sudden collisions.
The Q30 electric scooter has a net weight of about 25 kilograms with a maximum loading capacity of 120 kilograms. It features an LCD display on the handlebar that shows information rag riding speed, gear and power to the rider. There is also a torch light and acrylic deck lights. The electric scooter boasts of an
IP55 waterproof grading, which protects it from moisture and daily wear and tear. The model comes with an easily foldable design, making it portable and easy to carry everywhere. The Q30 electric scooter measures 1280 x 280 x 520 millimetres in its folding size and 1280 x 700 x 1350 in the unfolding size.


About 35 KG

Max speed

50-60 Km/h

Per charger

40-60 Km

Lithium battery

48V 16Ah

Max load

120 Kg

Max climbing


Water Proof



2500 Watts


11 inch off road tyres


Front+ Rear spring Brake

Lcd Display

Speed, Gear, Power Display

Charger Voltage

52V – 2A

Charger Time

5-8 Hour

Package Size

1280*280*520 mm

Folding Size

1280*280*520 mm

Unfolding Size



torch light,acrylic deck lights