VT-Z01 electric scooter


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VT- Z01 has a striking combination of purpose and beauty – thanks to modern innovation and design. It is powered by a 500w rear motor with a maximum speed of 40 kph

Key Specifications:

  •  Motor power – 500w rear motor
  • Loading capacity – 150kg
  • Max speed – 40 kph (24 mph)
  • Brake – Front and rare disc brake
  • Max distance range – 35 to 40 km (21-24 mph)
  • Battery capacity – 10.4ah
  • LCD Display – Speed gear, power display
  • Charger time – 4 to 5 hours
  • Weight – 29kg
  • Packing size – 123 * 28 * 66 cm

Electric scooters have become the most convenient means of transport for urban commuting. VT-Z01 is light and handsome model with a loading capacity of 150kg. Thanks to the modern designs which are
perfect for taming in the city traffic. This new scooter allows speed up to 40km/h (24 mph) making it easy to pass through rough terrains and overcome the other obstacles that come while driving. VT-Z01 has
been designed keeping functionality and style in mind. You can cover a maximum distance of 35 to 40km (21-24 mph) in just a single charge. The LCD display, battery capacity, front and rare disc brake, and
loading capacity make the VT-Z01 electric scooter deliver the highest level of satisfaction in every aspect.
The LCD display allows you to have full control over the mileage, remaining battery, and gear regulation.
With a maximum speed of 40km/h (24 mph), you can reach your dream destination in a short time. And the best part? The solid brakes (front and the rare disc brakes) have made riding safer and easier. Even if a pothole or a vehicle suddenly comes your way, you can quickly stop the scooter. Also, this feature allows safe riding even during harsh weather conditions. Last but not the least; the 10.4Ah battery power allows you to drive up to 40km (24 mph) and the charging technology extends the battery life.

Motor power

500w rear motor

Loading capacity


Max speed



Front and rear disc brake

Max distance range


Battery Capacity


LCD Display

Speed Gear, Power Display

Charger time

4-5 hours

Packing size