Xingtai Nuosu Electric Bike Model 1

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The cheap Xingtai Nuosu Electric Bike model 1 is a lightweight bike that offers an easy mobility solution. The electric bike is fitted with 14 inches vacuum tires and can deliver up to 25 to 30 kilometers per hour and cover a range of 40 kilometers.

Key Specifications:

  • Motor Power: 350W 48V
  • Maximum Speed: 25-30 KM/H (15.5- 18.6 mph)
  • Maximum Range: 40 KM (28 miles)
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 12AH
  • Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Wheels: 14 inches
  • New Weight: 32 KG
  • Frame: All thick strong steel tube

Our Xingtai Nuosu Electric Bike model 1 is available in red, black, blue, white, gold and yellow colors and is uniquely designed to make it one of the most rider-friendly electric bikes. This electric bike’s size is 155 x 33 x 100 centimeters and weighs 32 kilograms. It comes with a spacious footrest area and a sturdy frame that is made up of thick and strong steel tubes. Fitted with a 48V 12 AH lead-acid customizable lithium battery, it can be charged within 6-8 hours. The bike is powered by a 350W 48V lock brake structure motor and can deliver a maximum speed range of 25 to 30 kilometers per hour (15.5-18.6 miles per hour) and it can cover a maximum range of 40 kilometers (28 miles). The super-stylish Xingtai Nuosu Jinying Electric Bike model is equipped with a 14 inches vacuum tire and a front and rear hydraulic shock absorption system and a front 80 drum brake and rear 90 lock brakes that ensure a safe and comfortable ride. It is also fitted with 6 tubes, sine wave super quiet 48V controllers. This electronic bike model is fitted with an advanced burglar alarm system with features such as keyless start, alarms and dual remote control.

Product size

155*33*100 cm

Packing size

148*33*65 cm

Cross weight

48 kg

E-bike weight

32 kg


All thick strong steel tube


48V 12AH Lead acid battery (Lithium customizable)


350W 48V Lock brake structure


40 km

Max speed

25-30 km/h

Charge time

6-8 h

Shock absorption

Front and rear hydraulic shock absorption

Braking system

Front 80 drum brake, rear 90 lock brake


6 tubes, sine wave super quiet 48V

Burglar alarm

Keyless start,alarm,dual remote controls


14 inch vacuum tire

Available Color