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XJY Electric Scooter / Bike


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Special pre order now prices, up to 50% off, expecting a 40 foot container to arrive to August / September 2022.


The XJY electric scooter / bike has an attractive and colourful design with a maximum speed of about 20 to 40 kilometers per hour. It has a motor power of 250 Watts and comes with a Tianneng lithium battery. It is a hybrid scooter / bike design.

Key specifications:

  • Motor Power: 250W
  • Maximum Speed: 25 – 40 KM/H (15.5 – 24.8 mph)
  • Maximum Range: 30 – 70 KM (18.6 – 43.4 miles)
  • Climbing Capacity: 25 degrees
  • Battery: 48V 12Ah-15Ah lithium battery
  • Charging Time: 4 – 8 hours
  • Wheels: 1300 cm
  • Loading Capacity: 75 KG
  • Net Weight: 29 KG (without battery)

The XJY electric scooter is a stylish model that comes in an assortment of bright, spunky colours. The model comes equipped with a 12-inch motor with 250 Watts power. It is also fitted with a Tianneng battery located under the foot pedal. The 48V 12Ah-15Ah lithium battery takes between 4 to 8 hours to get fully charged. The electric scooter / bike delivers a maximum speed of 25 to 40 kilometres per hour (15.5 to 24.8 miles per hour). It can give a maximum running distance of 30 to 70 kilometres (18.6 to 43.4 miles) on a single charge. The XJY electric bike has a climbing range of 25 degrees, making it a suitable rice for slightly elevated regions. The maximum loading capacity of the XJY electric scooter is up to 75 kilograms. The vehicle has a dual braking system with a front disc brake and a rear disc brake. It has a wheelbase measuring 1300 centimeters and features 12 x 215 inner tube tires. The XJY electric scooter also boats of a strong body with alloy-made rim material. The vehicle weighs a total of 29 kilograms without counting the battery weight. The full size dimensions of the electric scooter are 1200 x 520 x 1080 millimeters.


48V/12Ah-15Ah lithium battery

Battery location

Under foot pedal

Battery brand



250w 12inch

Tire size

12*215 with inner tube

Rim material



48V/6tube 18A Assembly


front disc and rear disc

Charging time

4 hours / 8 hours

Max. speed

25-40km / h

Full charge range


Vehicle size




Climbing angle

25 degree

Ground clearance



29KG(Without battery)

Load capacity