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Sky II Removeable Lithium Battery Electric Moped

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If you are waiting to purchase an environmentally friendly electric scooter that meets all your needs, look no further than the Sky II Electric Scooter. This smart looking scooter has everything that you need for a safe, energy saving trip around town. The scooter has a 500-watt motor with a lithium LG removeable battery. This makes the scooter very easy to recharge indoors

When you have finished your trip to school, work, or on neighborhood errands, you simply remove the 48-volt, 20-amp hour lithium battery from its built-in storage area, carry it into the house or office, and recharge it from standard household current. The Sky II electric scooter has a top speed of about 45 kilometres per hour (or 30 miles per hour.) It can climb a 15-degree incline with no problem and boasts a driving range of about 60 kilometres.

Front drum/disc brakes and rear drum brakes provide certain stopping ability. The 16-inch tires provide a comfortable ride, as does the nicely padded and cushioned seat. Headlights and rear lights keep you safe and allow you to see at night.

The Sky II Electric Scooter is of great benefit to the environment. Because the powerful motor does not use petrol, you aren’t depleting fossil fuel supplies. There is no air pollution and noise from the electric engine is nearly non-existent. If you are interested in protecting your air quality and neighborhood peace and quiet, an electric scooter may be just the answer you are seeking.

The electric scooter is reliable. It is an efficient means of transportation whether you are commuting to work, going to school, or running to the neighborhood market. You’ll be happy with the performance, reliability, and pricing of this attractive scooter. 

Battery Capacity : 48V 20AH LG Removable Lithium Battery
Charger: 48V2.5A
Charging time: 3~8H
Climbing Angle 15°
Dimension(L*W*H) 1750*650*1090MM
Front brake: Drum/Disc brake
max speed 45KM/H / 30mph
Max. Driving Range 60 KM
Motor Power 500watt
Net Weight: 75KG
Packing Size 1740*385*830MM
Rear brake: Drum brake
Tire Size(Front) 16*3.0"
Tire Size(Rear) 16*3.0
Battery Type: LG Lithium Battery

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