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Lead Acid/Lithium Spare Battery- All Products

Lead Acid batteries for electric bike and moped for all models is designed with slightly older  technology, which is less powerful than the lithium-ion battery and is an ideal match for the electric vehicles because it gives suitable torque and power but at a lower cost.. The bipolar lead acid battery has cells stacked inside and makes full utilization of the inside materials to reduce the internal resistance by more than 50%. Charging cost of this battery is low and gives top speed similar to lithium ion with range being 30 to 45 miles, proving its worth as economical.

Batteries for Powacycle is also available for any model.

For top of the range scooter and bikes, Lithium batteriesare the best solution for many reasons. Advantage of the lithium battery include shorter time for charging which is 3 to 4 hours. Lithium battery can last long enough to cover the life period of any e scooter which is normally 3 years and is more environment friendly as no harmful material is involved in the manufacturing process. Other features that make the lithium battery ideal for e scooters include ecofriendly riding, less cost of maintenance and convenient to maintain and store when not in use. The power of this battery helps in reaching maximum speed of 45 miles/hr in quick time with a travelling distance of 50 to 60 miles after each recharge.

The lithium ion battery is lighter more modern environmentally friendly and has greater power than the lead acid alternative, however it is more expensive to purchase.

We supply replacement batteries for all our products and keep stock whenever required, we can replace

Our prices are very competitive.


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