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The B3 electric bikeshowcases a lightweight and compact footprint, and is an ideal choice for young riders. Even with its compact footprint, it offers a surge of power, thanks to its 36 volt –250 watt motor.With this integrated motor, the B3 electric bike is able to climb 15 degrees uphill without any hiccups, carry a max load of 120 kgs, and achieve a max speed of 25 kms/h / 15 mph.


Key features:

  • 36 volt lithium ion battery
  • 36 volt – 250 watt motor
  • 120 kgs max capacity
  • 15 to 18 kms / 9 to 11 miles riding distance per charge
  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable seat
  • Rear wheel disc brakes
  • 25kms/h / 15 mph max speed
  • No Pedals / Classed as a electric scooter

The B3 electric bikecomes with a 36 volt lithium ion battery, which takes roughly two to four hours to fully charge, and then offers between 15 to 18 kms of riding pleasure before plugging it in to recharge. Adding to this, it weighs just 14.6 kgs, making it easy to maneuver even on slightly rugged roads.

The B3 electric scooter is built tough with premium grade aluminum alloy, so it’s bound to last you several years to come with proper care. Further, it features an appealing black finish, and is appointed with cushion padded seat, making it a joy to ride even across longer periods.

Speaking of the seat, it is adjustable, so you can achieve your desired height by adjusting a single screw. It comes with mud flaps at the front and rear, which prevents water splashes when riding in wet weather conditions. With regards to safety, the B3 electric bike doesn’t fall short with its high quality rear wheel disc brakes.

In terms of safety, the Windgoo B3 electric scooter is fitted with 12 inch inflatable tires, which provide excellent grip on the roads. The small, square display mounted on the handlebar of the B3 electric scooter provides a trove of information about the scooter including power of the battery. To top things off, the B3 bike comes with from and rear LED lights, and an electric horn.

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